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Covid -19

People across the world are passing through a grave and unparalleled crisis. The pandemic COVID 19 has put the life of all of us upside down. The nations with the best of the public health system are finding hard to cope with the spread of the virus and provide needed care to the people who have caught the disease. It is obvious that the health care system of the poorer nations and communities like that of ours may simply collapse with the onslaught of the virus.

The prospect of sick not getting needed medication and care, health care professional simply unable to attend the patient in absence of proper protection equipment, dearth of appropriately trained manpower to handle the situation is becoming real by the day. The economic impact is even grimmer. Most of the production processes are halted, the services are closed. People are losing jobs and by implication the means to sustain their life. The possibility of starvation may become a reality for many of our compatriots. The world had not witnessed the crisis of such magnitude for many decades. The crisis has resulted in people extending help and support to the needy.

The Non Resident Nepalese Association UK  in particular have taken on them the task of providing food, shelter to the Nepali students, daily wagers, persons without support mechanisms an delivering medicines to elderly and handicapped. Furthermore they are coming together to mobilize resources, procure health care equipment and send them to Nepal to be used in service of Nepali People. This indicates the basic charitable nature of Nepali people to exhibit compassion (KARUNA) to the needy and also provides the glimmer of hope of fighting this deadly corona virus.

We and the entire Non Resident Nepali Association UK would like to thank the contributors for their humanitarian act. The Association has created a special fund to be used for this purpose. The resources collected in the fund shall be used only for the purpose of fighting the pandemic and its implications as per the norms developed in the master plan. We request each one of you to contribute to the fund in whatever amount you wish and can. The account details for fund transfer are given below.

Let us defeat ‘corona’ with ‘करुना’

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