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Message from President of NRNA UK

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your support and for placing your trust and belief in me to become the President of overseas Nepali people and those residing in the UK. It is a true honour and a role that I am whole-heartedly committed to and a role that I shall bring honesty, integrity, an open heart and a listening ear to. As the first female president of NRNA UK, my tenure sparks welcome change, evolution and a reflection of the flourishing future, built on equality and prosperity. Globally, there are more than 80 NRNA organisations — all working to ensure happiness, success and abundance in Nepal. It marks a celebration of all things Nepali, and together, we are united in working hard to ensure what we love and know about our beautiful homeland remains: its cultures, traditions, heritage and most importantly, its people.

 Why is NRNA UK necessary?

With over 80 NRNA organisations around the world, it’s a natural question to ask: Why is NRNA UK important? We have more than 150,000 Nepali people here in the UK, at present, with more people choosing to make the UK their home. And since the organisation’s inception in this country, in 2003, it has lived and breathed on behalf of all Nepali people, here in the UK, overseas and in Nepal.

Over the past 16 years, we have seen how each and every one of us share the same common goal. Yet our ties to the UK date further back in history. Nepal and the UK share a friendship of over 204 years, and as a result, Nepalese people have prospered better than before.

We can never truly leave Nepal, regardless of how much we love the UK, as that sense of belonging and connectivity with our home country never leaves us. And that’s why we all come together, as one community, as part of NRNA UK. A collective voice that represents our beloved Nepal.

How does NRNA UK benefit Nepal?

The organisation has been established and remains an important institution for people living in the UK, overseas and, of course, our home country, Nepal, to keep a sense of belonging and retain everything we love about our country.

Being here in the UK, one of the most developed countries in the world gives us ample opportunities to acquire information and skills, academic knowledge, and finance and business expertise. We can then transfer these positive influences to Nepal to enable our country to grow, prosper and flourish.

My pledges to you

 During my tenure, I will be closely working with all political parties, ethnic minority groups, all religions and all cultures to understand and work on your behalf. Collectively, we will progress and move forward in a way that makes our NRNA better NRNA.

We will continue to join hands, hearts and minds with the British people to integrate with the wider community and strengthen NRNA.

There is a great number of efforts and items on my agenda to concentrate on in the next two years, and all of these are underpinned by my commitment to listen, receive advice, continually improve, focus and help each and every one of you.

 Living abroad can sometimes feel like our heritage, cultures and traditions are housed far away  — but our hearts are, and will always be, with Nepal. Wherever you live in the UK, my message to you is that you all belong to NRNA. And through this open-armed organisation, you all have a community, full of people to support you.

I encourage you to come to me with all your ideas, regardless of how big or small, on how together, we can continue to move forward. Thank you and I look forward to the next two years.


Poonam Gurung

President NRNA UK

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